LFW: Osman SS14

Osman, the celebrity favourite when it comes to red carpet gowns, subtly used his influences in a way never seen before for his London show.

Taking inspiration from India usually results in heavy beading, sari style dresses and lots of bright colours. Osman took a step back from this and used his inspiration more subtly. From the delicate layering of skirts over trousers to represent traditional Indian dress, to his use of beading which was kept to a minimum. Beading, either on a handbag or top was an element of exquisite detail to the outfit, rather than overpowering it.

Osman’s stunning use of limited colour really stood out. From his bold red and blue native tree print, which was paired down to shades of grey later in the show, to sunset yellow beaded clutches, all that was needed was this tiny pop of colour to show off his Indian muse.

Through not overpowering his references, the Indian touch on this collection was reflected beautifully though the intricate latticework style lace used, the cummerbund style waists and the contrast from bold, traditional Indian dress colours to the spring pastels of duck egg blue in which we are so familiar.

Texture was again a vital part of Osman’s show. The addition of beading on clutches, the crispness of the fabrics used, and the extraordinary transformation of what looked like a denim piece actually created out of silk. It is detailing like this that makes Osman stand out, and it makes it very simple to see why so many celebrities choose his designs over others.


Contributor: Sarah Stothard