Untitled Mag party

KN So on Friday 13th September, I arrived on Leicester Square at Professor Green’s new club, INK, for a party that was hosted by Untitled Magazine and Kate Nash.

And I have to say I thoroughly it enjoyed it.

The venue is gritty and grimey but yet upscale enough to fit into the Leicester Square aesthetic. As you arrive into the venue, it is awash with pictures of people with tattoos, red velvet curtains and graffiti on the walls. You have to go to the fifth floor to get into the actual venue but there is a plush lift, again with the aesthetic, to get you there.

The DJ set was by The Glitter Beats when I arrived but the party really started with the second DJ that had the whole club moving.

There was a vast array of Untitled magazines on the tables and free cocktails that were being given out. Free drinks and something to talk and look at, yes please.

All in all, it was a great event that had a really good lively crowd but unfortunately, I didn't get to see Kate Nash.

Contributor: Tasha Mughal

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