LFW: 1205 SS14

004_426x639_Fotor_Collage 12056 12054 12053 12052 The cold rainy weather and the industrial style catwalk was the perfect atmosphere for the 1205 Spring/Summer 2014 show. Androgyny, neutrals and impeccable tailoring illustrated a collection that rejects traditional gender roles and celebrates simplicity and purity.

The clean lines and slouchy shapes were compelling and seductive when matched with luxurious materials and boyish shapes. Charcoal greys, snowy whites and coal blacks were the ruling colours of the day.

Culottes, mannish suits and extra-large white tops that seemed to be made of material so delicate it looked tissue thin were worn with laid back sandals and made a striking picture.

Stand out pieces included a utilitarian boiler suit that looked so effortlessly cool and comfy that it made you crave to wear it and an oversized stone grey coat that was tailored so exquisitely and sharp that you could cut yourself on its shoulders.

The ingenuity of the tailoring was the backbone of the show and illustrates the power it can hold.

Deceptively simple at first the clothes in this collection are powerful and gain intensity the longer you look at them. 1205 is provocative in its ability to express sensuality and modernity with the bare minimum of fuss and colour.

Contributor: Aniqah Choudhri