LFW: Yeashin SS14




The catwalk may started 10 minutes after the scheduled time but it was perfect as it truly gave a chance to admire the location. The room was filled with old stain glass windows. The ceiling was beautifully decorated with red and gold patterns making one feel like they had ended up at a palace from a fairy tale. Before the catwalk began, music filled the room that complimented the hall beautifully.

The dimmed lights came to life and the catwalk was filled with sweet candy coloured pieces. The colours included baby blue, buttermilk yellow, powder pink and a beautiful mint green. Each piece had its own identity as it had been decorated with chiffon, bows, pleats and ruffles.

The pieces were quite similar to what you might have imagined a princess wearing in fairytales as a child. The colours all complimented each other to perfection and each piece truly was amazing.

The collection is not for those who seek practicality. It is for those who express themselves through clothing. Who see fashion as a form of art.

Her past collections have all been quirky and loud and with the new S/S14 collection, she made a statement again with each piece certain to turn heads.

By Rohma Malik