LFW: Bernard Chandran SS14

images to comeBernard Chandran's Spring 2014 collection is possibly his best yet. The line emphasises all things metallic and is a significant move towards a majestic SS14 of striking, almost discordant, blends of muted greys and deep jewel tones.

Head pieces make for a central point in Chandran's collection, and add that extra bit of sparkle. Overwhelmingly they add a playful, youthful exuberance to an otherwise sophisticated collection. In fact, the collection as a whole seems a definite nod towards futurism in SS14.

Rich jewelled tones dominated the collection today. The colour palette consists of rich greens, golds, and reds; a fittingly regal aesthetic given the flowing cut of various pieces.

Perhaps the stand out piece was a full length mist-grey metallic dress with side split with which the model wore stylish headphones, again exuding a sense of youthful detachment. Like most of the collection, there is a noticeably ethereal aesthetic present that evokes a feminine edge.

Metallics, structure, linear, plaid and pleats accurately describe Bernard Chandran's Spring 2014 collection

Contributor: Helena Cartwright