Aila Wang: The worlds best dress toddler

20130909-203019.jpgThe darkness is steadily creeping in, colours are changing and there’s a frostiness in the air; This can only mean one thing - Fashion Week. The (knitted) gloves are on as the ‘Fashion Pack’ take to the ring for the second time this year to fight for their right as Fashion Royalty.

As always, the competition is big with featherweight champions Cara Delevigne and Rita Ora proving favourites once again. But everyone loves a dark horse and there’s none more conspicuous than a toddler. Stylishly clad in black on black yet barely reaching 3ft, Aila Wang has already proved she is a worthy competitor- her appearance at New York Fashion Week caused a stir throughout the fashion world. This miniature fashion hero is the adorable niece of Fashion Week veteran Alexander Wang, who seems to enjoy the novelty of making micro creations of his designs for his personal dress up doll.

From her Fashion Week debut in 2011, the little one has been making a big impact. Whilst many toddlers enjoy playing dress-up with their mother’s oversized heels and dresses, Aila is year’s ahead in her own designer threads. Not only do her clothes fit her perfectly, they are right on-trend thanks to her uncle’s influence.

Like every Fashion Week ‘It Girl’, Aila is sparking her own trends. The dreaded socks and sandals combo is a bold choice for any new Fashion Icon, yet Aila pulls it off. Toddlers and fashion enthusiasts alike can now attempt the trend once associated with elderly men without fear of judgement. This isn’t the first instance of toddler-style making a world-wide fashion impact, whoever thought a giant baby-grow would be the must-have garment of the twenty-tens?

If at three years old Aila can cause such a world-wide sensation, in twenty years she will be a sure favourite to take the title of Queen of the ‘Fashion Pack’. With fellow competitors Suri Cruise and Blue Ivy Carter, it looks like the fashion world has an exciting future ahead.