My Girlfriend Takes My Clothes

Intro Pic

Intro Pic

The trend of oversized masculine clothes means that more and more girls are raiding their boyfriend’s wardrobes.

From white shirts, jumpers, watches, trainers to baggy jeans and even caps are being stolen from these poor boys wardrobes. However, not all women are able to do this because of sizes or personal taste. I’m guilty of this myself; I love a baggy jumper or men’s tee. If you’re tall then the fit is better as it is longer and so much more comfortable.

So what do you do? Lock your wardrobe when your girlfriend comes over? Change your style? No, embrace it. Take it as a compliment, she likes how you dress, it’s a good thing.

Here are the 5 things that you should allow your girlfriend to steal:

  • Jeans


Affectionately called ‘the boyfriend jean’ and that’s exactly what it is. Most likely a belt is needed for this and looks amazing with a tank top or some form of girlish top to counteract the boyish jeans.

  • Jumpers


This is the perfect attire for a lazy Sunday with a pair of leggings or just a pair of boats and a slick of red lipstick; easy, warm and effortless chic.

  • White Shirt

White Shirt

This is a blank canvas that any girl can put her stamp on. It’s a classic look that looks amazing with a tan in the summer or with tights and boots in the winter. A style staple in my opinion but getting the right length and perfect oversize fit is so hard but not impossible.

  • Caps/Beanies

Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 00.09.43

Hats are something that are mostly unisex, depending on colour obviously, especially beanies and caps. Something that can be dressed up with a little red lipstick, or a fur coat a la Nicole Richie, or dressed down for those days you just cannot be bothered.

  • Biker Jacket

Leather Jacket

The cult favourite that looks good with a pretty dress or tee shirt and jeans. If your boyfriend has one then you should definitely steal it. The men’s version has the oversized look that is oh so nineties and oh so sexy.

All these items can become staples in your wardrobe and are timeless. So go raid that wardrobe or have a look in the men’s section.

Contributor: Tasha Mughal