Bloggers love: Not Just Stuff event

BTavdC6CcAAkku3 If there’s one sure-fire way to make a fashion blogger a very happy fashion blogger indeed, it’s to invite them to the top of a very tall building (The Penthouse in Leicester Square to be precise), pop some cupcakes-on-steroids and sangria in front of them, and show them a fabulous array of jewellery for two solid hours. This, dear readers, is exactly what Not Just Stuff jewellery design and Bloggers Love did for me last night.

All attendees – aesthetically driven people, of course – ascended in a graffiti-clad lift to the eighth floor of the building, where we stepped out into a buzzing room in which atmosphere abounded, spurred on by music that vibrated the surface of the scarlet drinks pre-prepared in a punchbowl. The music may have been a throwback to the ‘90s, but this hit of nostalgia, rather than being cheesy, made the 20-somethings in the room all the more animated.

The organisers spent the first half of the evening sat behind the table of carefully constructed rhinestone and diamante goodies, chatting happily away to anyone who wanted to find out more, but focused more on the all-important networking as the night progressed. A photographer was documenting the evening and, before stylist Lewis-Duncan Weedon presented the catwalk show, shot pictures of all the well-dressed invitees for the website. Four models strode confidently through the room, slowly enough so we could photograph their attire, as Weedon provided running commentary. The collection was largely made up of bib necklaces and costume rings; though brooches and earrings were interspersed between the larger pieces, the main focus was on the décollage with the catwalk centred on necklaces. Many of the pieces were awash with colour; vibrant reds and canary yellows cut through with clear faux-crystals; ideal for those wanting to make a Tom Binns-style statement on more of a Topshop budget. The slightly more conservative among us were appeased with classic designs of simple gold or silver, with the occasional cage necklace adding an extra dimension to the collection.

The night wound down relatively quickly after the show finished; those of us who stayed a little later had a friendly chat with our hosts, all of whom were reassuringly eager to make sure everyone had a good night. A little later, eyes glazed from the irridescence of the evening, my guest and I descended back down the elevator, unable to come to a conclusion as to who between us would work the collection the best.

contributor: Clare Henley



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