What would you do with a blank container canvas?


Boxpark Shoreditch have been working with a number of artists from around the world to create a pop up graffiti event.

Being influenced by the concept from "bomb the world" documentary, Boxpark have managed to get the likes of UK based 'Aroe' a legend in the graffiti world to take part in the project. The event has been running for every Sundays for 5 weeks now, held on the cobbled area outside Boxpark.

Two artists are weekly invited to East London to take on a 20 foot container to create a unique art work, with 100% creative freedom, the final outcome is totally unexpected. So far the event has been a success attracting a range of people from grafiitti enthusiasts  to people who are just interested to see what's going on.

The Last live show is this Sunday 08.09.13 hosting Spanish artists, Dems & Pant One. There also will be live music played by Local DJ's and free drinks.

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Contributor: Sylvester Siani