Style file: Tom Ford


Ahead of Fashion Week, it’s appropriate to take some time to look at one of the fashion industry’s most honoured designers.From Gucci to YSL to his own label, Tom Ford has played a key role in fashion today. Originally an architecture graduate from Santé Fe, New Mexico the story of Tom’s fashion fairytale is certainly an inspirational one. In less than a decade it appears that Tom has risen to the top of the fashion hierarchy and shows no sign of falling any time soon.

His design work plays on the sixties and seventies silhouette and each look is ultra-chic and outrageously sexy. As well as designing for women, Tom also designs high-end menswear which combines his influential design with traditional men’s tailoring. He has been known to design for high profile clients including rapper Jay-Z and singer Justin Timberlake this year, which has not only pushed his brand right to the top of the list, but also landed him GQ’s designer of the year at the Men Of The Year Awards last night. When it comes to the designer’s personal style it appears he maintains the high-fashion, sophisticated look he portrays in his work. He can constantly be seen wearing stylish, highly tailored suits with his signature open buttoned shirt. Tom says ''I wear my shirts open because ties give me a headache. I can only wear them for a few hours and then I start to get a migraine.''

If you’re as excited as I am to see the latest offering from the Tom Ford brand catch his London show on Monday 16th, September at 19:30. Naked fashions will be blogging about shows throughout fashion week and a write up about the TOM FORD show will be available soon after the show.''