Clueless Style


Eighteen years on who would have known that the average '90s movie would become such a classic, and such an inspiration and contributor to fashion in 2013. The world became wildly aware of plaid and tartan, sweater vests, crisp white shirts, pinstripe blazers, and preppy berets when Clueless hit the screens in 1995 which at the time may have appeared obscure and very 'school girl-ish' but this season has seen many items inspired by the classic flick and even a dedicated collection from Wildfox in honour of it.

Celine, Tommy Hilfiger, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Mulberry, Emilia Wickstead and Moschino led the way with weaved tartan creations in varying colours this season just like Cher, Dionne and Tai did. The white shirt has never left our wardrobes since and is an everyday must have in every woman's closet. If you exclude the huge nineties cell phones and questionable sayings..eighteen years on, not a lot has changed and it just proves no matter how outrageous or adventurous styles may seem at the time..even in just a movie, they will always have a big influence on the future.

Wildfox released a look book for their Clueless collection and went all out with using models that closely resemble the original lead characters. Each of the look book images reflect a specific scene from the film. Plaid minis teamed with over knee high socks and Mary-Jane straps, it's pretty clear Wildfox done their research.

I think we all need to become a little bit more..Clueless.