Must have: Inside-out-pocket Tote

This weeks must have comes from Kate Spade - a personal favourite of mine when shopping for bags.Kate Spade is a New York brand which specialises in leather bags and accessories including Iphone cases and jewellery. The colourful and playful characteristics of the Kate Spade brand is what attracts many, along with the exquisite and finest leather. Here in the UK you can find Kate Spade at Covent Garden, Westfield, Sloane Square and Bicester Outlet. NF - Kat Spade The bag i'm featuring is part of her sister store 'Saturday' which has a more casual outlook for weekend girls. 'Inside-out-pocket Tote': The main feature of this bag is its practicality. As a student or a working woman it is very easy to slip into a routine of throwing everything into your bag and then having the embarrassing scenario where you can't find a pen, keys, wallet, etc quickly. This ingenious handbag solves all these problems with outer pockets. On the outside you can slip in your pens, business cards, keys and phone whilst on the inside there is enough room for a laptop, books and anything else you could need. The double-strap makes it wearable as a tote or shoulder bag and it comes in three utilitarian colours - black leather, moss grey wool and green leather. (did I mention the leather is the finest calf leather?) With a price tag of $180/£116, meet your new best friend, Kate Spade.

NF-Kate Spade