Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Baby Doll Review

I had heard the hype about this mascara and decided to take a chance and purchase this product, obviously I had read various reviews about the mascara before purchasing it.


The mascara is available in black, brown and blue. I purchased the mascara in the colour I usually use and purchased the shade No.1 Black. The mascara claims to increase volume and separate lashes...it may not seem a big deal, but this claim is pretty big for a mascara to make as I had never used a mascara that lived up to all of its expectations. When I saw the brush, it reminded me instantly of the brush from Benefit's They're Real. This gave me hope that the mascara would be good as the brush from They're Real had worked well on my lashes.

IMG_2939IMG_2938 2

Once I had applied the mascara, I was not disappointed, in fact, I don't think that there is anything negative I could possibly say. I had thought that the mascara would be good quality because of the brand but to my surprise the mascara lived up to all its expectations, it does separate lashes and it does increase volume and the main thing is that it doesn't clump! Baby Doll also stays on for such a long time and doesn't smudge at all which is great!


Baby Doll is almost a perfect mascara in my opinion, I will definitely purchase this product again as it has not let me down unlike most other brands!

I purchased Baby Doll from the Yves Saint Laurent counter in Harrods for £24.50.