Burberry 'Trench Kisses' Collection


Beauty blogger Sophie here again: Today's post is about the exciting new collection from Burberry's beauty line - Trench Kisses. Firstly, how perfect is the name? I adore it. Most British girls (and international ones too!) dream of one day owning a Burberry trench coat. At least, my GBF does anyway. I love that their entire beauty line is somehow embossed with their trademark tartan pattern too - the lipstick is even imprinted with it!

So, onto what's actually in the collection. Some are repromotes from previous years, but quite a lot of the products are new. The ideal look from this collection was debuted at the Burberry Prorsum A/W 2013 at the beginning of the year, and is actually their Autumn/Fall collection for 2013. The theme running through for me is the colour 'oxblood'. It's a personal favourite of mine during the colder months in both cosmetics and fashion, so I'm really eager to have a look at this collection - not that I could afford much of it, mind! There's an oxblood Kajal Pencil, Lip Mist, Lip Cover, Lip Glow and Nail Polish, so it really is part of the entire collection. The eponymous 'Trench Kiss' colour is one of the Lip Glows, and is a pink-toned nude. It would seem that the ideal look stemming from this collection is a golden eye and a "trench-kissed" lip.

One particularly exciting thing about this collection is the premiere of Burberry nail polish - as a nail polish fiend, I'm keen to read reviews and see if it's going to be worth the hype! For the A/W13 show, cheeks were dusted with their Light Glow Blush in 'Earthy', which is a neutral brown that is part of the repromoted products. 'Trench Kiss' was the lip product of choice, and the eyes were glowing and golden thanks to the repromoted 'Pale Barley' and 'Gold Taupe' Sheer Eyeshadows.


I can't wait to get my hands on this collection -  I hope you guys are enjoying my new beauty column over here on Naked Fashions - stay tuned later in the week for a make-up routine!