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Hello readers! NakedFashions has got some exciting new contributors posting on the blog incorporating the NF style. First up is Sophie who blogs at Sophie's Beautique - she will be keeping you up-to-date with luxury beauty reviews and news. Regular readers will remember my snippet of news on the Marc Jacobs beauty collection, now Sophie will be giving you a full, in-depth view of the collection.

My first offering is something that's creating a bit of a buzz in the US beauty world - the new Marc Jacobs make-up line. Sold exclusively at Sephora, this line encompasses everything that you could ever need. It's not a 'capsule' collection as such, but despite its fairly small size, the shade range is phenomenal. Seriously.

The collection comprises of four different sub-collections: Blacquer, Color-Full, Smart Complexion & Boy Tested, Girl Approved. The packaging of all of these is sublime: it's minimalist and sleek and curvaceous and boy, it really does make you want it.

'Blacquer' is an eye-product collection that was apparently inspired by Marc's own coffee table. It has 30 layers of lacquer that make it blacker than black, and ultra glossy too. Not a bad thing to be inspired by, if you ask me. My favourite innovation of this section is 'Highliner', which is a gel eyeliner crayon. You can leave those little pots at home now! The other two products are a Lash Lifter mascara, and a liquid liner with the ever-fantastic name 'Magic Marc'er'.

mj beauty

'Color-Full' is probably the largest part of the whole line. It comprises of eyeshadows, blushers, lip products and nail polish, so we've got a fair bit to cover here.

I've actually tried a couple of the products from this line and I adore them. The Style Eye-Con shadow palettes are incredibly pigmented - although I will say that not a single one is matte, so if you're not a shimmer fan then these probably aren't for you.

The blushers are called 'Shameless', and look as if they'll be beautifully textured. The shade range throughout the line is seriously amazing, so it's definitely worth a look if you can.


Marc created two different types of lip products for his line - Love marc, which is described as a "lip gel". It looks like a lipstick, but if it's anything like the products I've tried then I'm sure the formula will be something else entirely. The Lust for Lacquer lip vinyls are something that I absolutely love. I have three of the shades and they're all incredible -pigmented, a little glittery and ultra-glossy.

Because of Marc Jacobs, I've finally found my "your lips but better" colour, so I'm forever in his debt, really. The last part of this collection are the 'Enamoured' nail lacquers, which come in a stunning array of colours. I can't wait to get my hands on these! Shameless plug alert: I'll be doing a full review of one of the seven-shadow palettes and the lip lacquers on my blog, so have a cheeky peek if you want a better look!

'Smart Complexion' is all about base products, if you hadn't guessed. The main attraction for me here is the 'Genius Gel' foundation, which has some fancy new technology in it that's meant to plump up and brighten the skin - plus, the packaging is to-die-for too. They also have a powder foundation if that's what you're into, so they really do cater for everyone! There's a bronzer that's meant to give you the perfect tan as well, so this section is pretty darn good in my book.

mj foundation

The final section was tested by Marc Jacobs himself. 'Boy Tested, Girl Approved' is all about androgynous make-up, which is something that's becoming far less taboo than it used to be. And why not? Boys should have groomed brows too, if you ask me. This sub-collection is about three things: groomed brows, luscious lips and bright eyes. The 'Lip Lock' lip balm looks to be a beautiful texture, and it's what Marc says gave him his beautiful lips, so it's bound to be a good'un. The final product in the trio is the 'Remedy' concealer pen, which brightens and tightens and probably does other amazing things too.

I'm so excited by this make-up line; it's rare that I want to try every single product in a collection, but here I really do. If you're in the USA, pop by a massive Sephora and they'll have it in stock, or buy it online because the products that I've tried are seriously good. You can tell that this collection has been well and truly thought-out, and that 'quality over quantity' has been a philosophy. Personally, I can't wait to pick up some more of the collection next time I'm in the States!

I hope you enjoyed my first 'Sophie's Choice' feature over on the lovely Lauren's blog. This was a long one, so congratulations for making it to the end - you're a trooper! If you want to tweet me I'm over at @sophie_mellish. Thanks to Lauren for letting this be a feature, I'm really excited to continue!

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