REVIEW: Saviour Snacks


There is a large majority of us who are always on the look out for the best snacks that will do the least damage to our bodies. But why should we spend hours relentlessly reading and examining products to see whats 'good' and 'bad'? And do we really know what's best for us?

Saviour Snacks is a new concept that has been created by nutritionist Lisa Blair, who really knows what she's talking about. Lisa does all the hard work for you as she examines the nutritional profile of each product, ensures it meets the Saviour standards and then carries out a taste test - because at the end of the day, we're not going to eat stuff that doesn't taste good.

How it works: One of the main things that stood out about Saviour is that they have a separate Gluten free box that you can choose instead of their original box. This means your whole box will be completely gluten free which is an advantage for people with a gluten intolerance or the people who simply choose to try and avoid gluten. You sign up, choose which box you want, when you want it and wait for its delivery!

Why? Much like Graze boxes, Saviour Snacks are an easy and guilt free way to carry on snacking throughout the week. Whether it be at home or in the office, you can get your snack box sent anywhere.

Concept: You can choose your membership to be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or just a one off gift for a foodie lover. The snack boxes cost £15 a week, the contents vary each week and you will receive around 8-10 snacks that will keep you going for the week.

My box: Your box will be delivered promptly and securely wherever you wish, so if your guilty of being an office snacker then this would be ideal for you. The lid of the box tells you exactly what you need to know - each snacks calorie content and whether they're gluten free, sugar free and all the other nutritional information you need.

 IMG_6196  IMG_6199

Included in my box was 10 snacks:

  • Propercorn fiery Worcester sauce & sun dried tomato popcorn
  • Oloves olives
  • Clearly Scrumptious dried strawberries
  • Bounce chocolate buziball
  • Bounce coconut & macadamia ball
  • Rude health 'The pumpkin'
  • Antioxidant mix
  • Wasabi nuts
  • Honey seeds
  • Organic tamari soy-snack

All of which were incredibly nutritious and equally as tasty! (the popcorn & honey seeds got 10/10 from me)