Mens Grooming Essentials

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Menswear and mens grooming is a topic which I love to write about as I feel it is neglected in a prominently female industry. Men can take their style inspiration from anywhere: A recent revival on 50s favourite, James Dean saw men sporting bomber jackets like never before (bomber jacket post to come soon). Whereas the modern day James Gandy looks dapper than ever in his one piece suits and accessories.Regardless of what your style is, grooming is a good place to start your day. Many men, just like women, neglect their beauty regime but maybe after seeing these products you'll think twice.

I have narrowed my list down to a Top 5 Essentials, prices ranging from high to low:mens groomingFirst up is the Stash Box from Izola: It may be a little on the pricey side but a man who takes pride in his appearance would not be seen without it. Taking it's inspiration from an old apothecary set, this is your one stop shop for shaving and skincare. The set comes with: Old Fashioned Shave Cream, Badger Hair Shave brush, Rock & Roll Suicide Face Scrub and Gameface Moisturiser. Another plus is that the set just keeps on giving; It comes in a wonderful box which can be reused for anything you wish.

Secondly is Shave 1.2.3 from Baxters of California, a cheaper alternative at £45/$70.00: This old conventional wet shave provides the closest shave - ‘nothing beats the luxury or pleasure of lathering up a quality badger brush and shaving in a traditionally masculine way.' The kit includes: Super close shave formula, After shave balm and a Baxter best badger shave brush.

Third on the list will have you smelling super fresh and never out the shower. Saturdays Surf NYC ‘Atlantic Beach Soap’ is scented with Italian lime and remixed to capture the essence of the Atlantic Ocean. It contains Citrus, herbal and eucalyptus and it only costs £5/$8.00.

Number 4:  Bumble and Bumble Seaweed shampoo can be used daily to moisturise and glossen your hair. The shampoo also has marine extracts that feed the roots. An alternative could be the seaweed spray to add texture to your hair once washed.

Finally, after that regime, all you need now is to moisturise. Refinery’s Revitalising Moisturiser should do the trick with its naturally active essential oils. The rich, deeply moisturising formula is packed full of anti-aging properties and multiple revitalising ingredients to leave your skin firm and hydrated.