British Summer 2013

Here in the North of England, we're still waiting on that Summer sunshine. The weather is terribly unpredictable and everyone is torn between sitting in with a cup of hot chocolate or making a trip to a English coastal resort.Either way, you always have to be prepared here and a raincoat is the best option you can go with. Raincoats are becoming more and more fashionable and there have been many extravagant and playful versions of them on the catwalk recently.

One of my favourites was that of boutique brand Chic Freak which is situated on London's Portobello Road. The brand has launched a range of signature rain coats called 'Le Mac'. The clear PVC mac comes in a variety of lace inserts such as lilac, white, blue or black.

Chic Freak’s ‘Le Mac’ follows the brand message for pioneering British brands and the team has scoured the UK for the best manufacturer finding one based in the heart of London.


Other favourites can be seen below, along with a pair of beautiful Burberry rain boots that can be worn with any rain-day outfit.

British Summer set