Exhibition of the week: Luminous words


Airan Kang - Luminous Words at the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, New York. The exhibition ran from February 28th - April 20th but there is plenty of images on the website and links to the artists other work - its a must see.

Featuring an ambitious installation of over one hundred digital lighting books and new LED paintings, Luminous Words furthers Kang's exploration into the ontology and evolution of the book as a source of knowledge in the digital era.

Since her earliest sculptures of fabric wrapped books cast in aluminum, she has embraced a diverse range of artistic and philosophical practices. The writings of Western philosophers such as Michel Foucault and Immanuel Kant in particular have profoundly influenced Kang's approach to art making. In her new body of work, Kang has merged the tradition of painting with digital technology. These photorealist paintings of books on shaped canvases with LED marquees signify both her persistence of theme and desire to investigate new materials.

In addition to the paintings, Luminous Words includes Kang's digital lighting books - electronically luminescent sculptures cast from transparent synthetic resin. By introducing light from within the sculpture, Kang removes the association with the object as an actual book, asking the viewer to contemplate the subject matter conveyed by the book's title.