PacSun launches Kendall and Kylie collection

February 8th saw the nationwide launch of PacSun’s Kendall and Kylie collection. PacSun is a Californian retail clothing brand that has 700 stores across the US. The company’s aim is to embrace their Californian heritage, and their new celebrity collection doesn’t fail to please. Kendall and Kylie Jenner are best known for their role in reality TV series Keeping up with the Kardashians. After many years of being in the shadow of their older sisters, they have taken it upon themselves to branch out into what they know best – fashion.

The premier collection features multiple choices of on-trend pieces for young women, like the Jenners. The pieces embody the optimism, fun and creativity that reflect the stereotypical life and spirit of a Californian girl.

The girls commented, “Designing an exclusive line for PacSun has been a dream come true for us. From concept to design, we really enjoyed the process of creating a fashion line that reflects our personal style! We’re so proud of the collection and excited to finally share it with our fans.”

The spring collection is sure to steal the hearts of Jenner/Kardashian fans as it features the casual chic style of the Jenners. Customers can get their hands on button-down shirts, high-waisted shorts, graphic tees and numerous accessories, starting from £15.80, all exclusively available from the PacSun stores across the US and online.

Lauren Johnstone

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