Wear your Invisible Crown: Favourite ETSY store

(Article via The Upcoming)

As a lover of all things fashion, with a wallet that doesn’t share the same passion, Marieken Hoefnagel created her Etsy shop, Invisible Crown. A year later she is still designing and creating lots of sweet things that we’d love to get our hands on.


The brand name Invisible Crown represents the feeling fashion lovers get when wearing a designer item. Many of us have a strong passion for designer goods yet we can’t afford them, and Marieken lets us have a little glimpse of what it’s like.


The product that caught our eye at The Upcoming was the Karl Lagerfeld brooch, and then a series of fashionable brooches such as a Chanel bag, Anna Wintour and even Céline bags.


We always wonder where the designers on Etsy get the resources and ideas for their work. Marieken Hoefnagel told us a little about what inspired her and how it’s possible for her to make these delightful little brooches: “I already had an Etsy account and thought of Etsy as a fun, inspiring place. I did a year of pre-art school after high school, but decided to go in another direction. I still like making things and can’t sit still in the evenings, so Etsy is the perfect thing for free evenings and Sundays. My mum and I have a copy shop, so I have access to different sorts of papers, printers and other machines. Most of the things I make are the result of trying things, some of them work out, some of them don’t. Most items are made at our copy shop or at home (where I ‘bake’ the brooches).” il_570xN.392452473_m5bz

The Invisible Crown also has your stationery lusts covered with Chuck Bass notebooks, tote bags and stamp templates such as “love”. The brand ships worldwide, so feel free to treat yourself or a friend to a little bit of designer goodness.

Lauren Johnstone

Shop the whole collection here.