Iphone 5

I am still on the hunt for the perfect Iphone 5 case - This is proving to be difficult since hardly any designers have released Iphone 5 collections. I also think that they're just too pretty to put a case over them; it makes them look bulky and less elegant/expensive.However, it's just too risky to be running around London without one so I finally found one i'm willing to use till I find a nice leather pouch...and it was only a pound from Hong Kong! I picked the lilac colour because its my favourite and I love the little heart cutout where the camera lens is. So cute! They have many different colours to choose from so if like me you are coverless then take a look at these. Unfortunately i'm going to be waiting a couple of weeks for it since its coming all the way from Hong Kong.



Also, if you know of any nice cases, leave a comment below!