The Upcoming: Sandro NYC

It’s a new year, and getting back into a routine can take its toll on everyone. The post-Christmas blues are long and draining, and cold winter days can have an effect on how we style ourselves.

However, with the help of our NYC friend, Sandro can put us back on track. The company was founded in the early 90s by Alice, who has a passion for perfection and fashion, and translates what she knows within the company. She knows how to make a hard task look easy by producing beautiful clothes that can be thrown together to create a chic outfit. Their motto is: “We believe that fashion should be obtainable yet stylish, as well as effortlessly modern.” 1

A current trend this season is “back to basics”, meaning we are able to wear simple, basic items of clothing and still be on trend. 

With focus on women’s career suits, evening, casual and sport’s wear, Sandro has you covered for every occasion, so there is no excuse for looking a bit drab this month. 2

The affordable pieces can be worn separately, or you can even dress up a work suit for drinks in the evening. 

Even if you are completely clueless, like 90s film star Brittany Murphy, the wonderful Sandro website has a sweet look book to prepare you for many different occasions. 3

The Upcoming is stocking up on its basics and filling up that basket – 2013 is going to be a positive year for fashion!

Lauren Johnstone

Get your fix at the Sandro website here