Glossybox UK

I know this is a fashion blog and that I study fashion but I am also really interested in beauty.Considering I have so many products and spend a large sum of my depleting student budget on beauty products and a strong beauty regime, I never seem to blog about it.

The past few months have seen me  pondering over whether to commit to a GLOSSYBOX subscription, a concept in which you pay £10 per month and receive a bundle of 5 mini products to try, presented in lovely glossybox packaging. My only worry is that if I really wanted to try a new product then I'd either go get it tested in a department store or find a sample somewhere else. I am aware that this concept introduces you to new products you might not of picked up on but do 5 miniature samples really justify £10 per month? I am a poor student remember.

Have any of you tried GLOSSYBOX or something similar? Help me make my mind up! Comments please.