Further festivities

All I seem to be doing these days is going to various Christmas-themed places or events. But its putting me in the festive spirit and I go home in two days, so who can complain?This weekend, I finally made a trip to Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland. Winter Wonderland has over 150 small wooden chalets containing food, drink and handmade items like christmas baubles, clothes etc. This allows small businesses to showcase what they make to a large crowd. Everyone wraps up warm and wanders round the massive Hyde Park. There are many rides, (including a huge ferris wheel to view the whole of Hyde Park and the rest of London) special shows such as a Circus, Magical ice kingdom, ice skating rink and Santa's grotto as well as copious amounts of food and mulled wine. We then wandered down Knightsbridge to Harrods; I finally was able to look at the wonderful Princess display windows which live up to the pictures. They are so so beautiful -  the Louboutin glass slipper was my favourite without a doubt.

Make sure you take a trip to Winter Wonderland, it ends early January!