My week in Instagrams.

It's friday and I have had an extremely busy week; take a look at my favourite instagram pictures this week - 


1. Drapers power list party/ 2. Nails courtesy of Nail Rock at Drapers party/ 3. Goodie bag/ 4. Cayooooot, girly unicorn jumper from Urban Outfitters/ 5. Somerset House picture that won me Festive Late tickets from Mulberry/ 6. My little wolf back home in the snow/ 7. The beautiful Kylie fronting my subscription cover of Elle/ 8. Two deadlines & shorthand exam makes Lauren very unhappy/ 9. Hello Kitty advent calendar from my best friend!/ 10. Ombré hair/ 11. My beautiful friend at Southbank Christmas market/ 12. Topshop boots - whos getting me these?