Lucky bags

I always remember buying 'lucky bags' when I was little - usually themed with the most current cartoon character that every kid loved. From Hello kitty to the powerpuff girls you just had to have one of those lucky bags. The fact you had no idea what was inside them (yet it was usually rubbish) made them so much more exciting.A certain yellow friend, Selfridges have come up with the concept of beauty lucky bags. The idea being that their favourite beauty, hair, skin brands in various different sizes (some being travel) are plonked into our classic goody bag at a value of £150 - yet you pay £15. WHAT AN INVESTMENT. The only problem being that there is only 1000 bags up for grabs...and they came out today...and sold out. ON THE PLUS SIDE, yours truly managed to get one. Lucky me was up at half 8 for university and was straight onto that website to make my order. I hope I'm one of the VERY lucky 100 to get a £150 gift card in the bag.

I will be doing a review of the products inside the bag in the next few weeks so watch this space.