Margiela x H&M

No, this isn't another generic post about how exciting this collaboration is going to be. Yes, it is going to be exciting. However, the massive HYPE around this is beyond too far. There is always a lot of publicity for these H&M collections. In my opinion, they are unbelievable - they allow people who can't afford these brands to feel a sense of luxury and experience what it feels like to wear such well-made pieces at affordable prices. But are these collaborations dying out? This weekend across cities such as Paris, San Francisco and London - silent 'protestors' marched the streets holding boards to promote the launch of the collection in a few days. Is this not a step too far? The highly anticipated collection has come so quick after the Anna Dello Russo collection which claims to have been 'sold out' on the day. On the contrary, I was in Regent Street H&M this weekend and found many of the collections bracelets reduced right down - It seems to me that our little friends at H&M have been claiming they've sold out to produce a HYPE. This brings the question - is the industry were in all about advertising? Do we have to completely push the limits and bring about silent protests just to get another hype started? I'll be looking forward to seeing how well this collection goes down. Are any of you planning on buying anything?