Follow up: Fashion Bloodhound.

Remember that little website Fashion Bloodhound that I told you about? Well my Luella top arrived today. Inside the general packaging was a Fashion Bloodhound carrier bag and placed neatly inside black tissue paper was my Luella top.

The top is so much better than I imagined. The material is 100% cotton making it one of the finest quality tshirt materials, it also has a little bow in one corner of the top with the Luella signature smiley face. The 'frills' aren't as obvious as I'd pictured and replicate more of a 'double sleeve' effect. Luckily, the horse motif is just as vibrant as in the picture otherwise I would of been pretty disappointed. Overall, I'd give my first experience with this website a 8/10 - although delivery was super quick and the packaging was immaculate, I did have to pay £10 for this service. Take a look at the website, i'm coveting these glittery boots that are sadly not in my size!! I might just have to make a trip to their pop-up store in Bath before Christmas.