Its here! Alexander McQueen: Fashion Visionary

If you're a regular reader then you would have seen in my 'LDN fashion' post that I won the new Alexander McQueen book.Saturday morning came and I was greeted by the postman with my copy of this luxurious book. I already own Savage Beauty but this is on another level. The foreword from Daphne Guinness, a close friend to McQueen is the most beautiful thing I have ever read. It really portrays the relationship they had and how much she understood him. I'm only a few pages into reading the book and I'm already addicted. It's so much more informative than Savage Beauty and gives us a massive insight into the 'real' McQueen. If you haven't already bought this then its a must. You can tell that every page has had Lee McQueen in mind, from the colours to the typography to the pictures chosen. A huge thank you to LDN Fashion and Carlton books