Seasons Greetings

The adverts have started, the themed bags have been released, lists are being wrote and I've purchased my first bottle of 'Christmas coke'; It's that time of the year again. Yes, we can all wrap up warm, listen to Christmas songs and drink that luscious red concoction of mulled wine that warms our hearts. I'm so happy about being in London this year for Christmas as its such a magical experience. My friends and I made a trip to Oxford Street on monday to see the Christmas lights be switched on - Now if you've seen London at night then you know how beautiful it is but with the added glitz of these lights it looks PERFECT. Not only are the London Christmas lights amazing but all the department stores join in as well. Selfridges windows have been overcome with Christmas cheer whilst Harrods has been revamped with a fairytale fantasy theme after its extravagant Christmas parade and the other department stores are laced in different fairy lights - think National Lampoons Christmas Vacation!

However, Winter can take its toll on us all. On one hand its great to spend time with family, especially when it snows, having lots of fun and making the best of memories but on the other hand we're left penniless and feeling run-down; so I thought I'd make a quick list of my favourite must-have winter beauty products that aren't massively pricey.

  • Top of my list is Clinique Dramatically different moisturising lotion - I use this morning and night as my skin gets particularly dry within the winter months. It leaves your skin so moisturised without feeling greasy.
  • Next is Burts bees acai berry lip balm - I put this on under my lipstick as I like some colour but it can be used alone; I don't know anyone who doesn't get chapped lips in winter. Acai berry is an amazing fruit used in many different beauty products for its health benefits and it smells/tastes nice!
  • Finally, Moroccan oil - Since I've moved down South my hair has become so dry with the difference in water to the North and it gets even worse when the cold hits it. Moroccan oil seems pricey when you look at how small the bottle is but you only need the tiniest bit after you've washed your hair. It lasts so long and you'll thank me after you've tried it!

Why not get in the Christmas spirit and listen to this classic song [youtube=]