Creep creep creeping

The creeper shoe dates back to their practical creation for WW2 soldiers who wore suede boots with hard wearing rubber soles. However, the shoes reputation was later tarnished when the soliders left the war and started making their way to London brothels - securing the shoes the label 'brothel creepers' - this name definitely preempted my opinion of them In 1949, George Cox revamped the creeper and brought it back to life, marketing it under the 'Hamilton' name; this shoe then became popular in many different subcultures, from the teddy boys of the 50's to the Maclaren punks in the 70's. All skas, punks and goths were taking them on. What would have only been seen in the underground life of Camden then started making its way into our catwalks this year, such as Ashish who accentuated the goth/punk vibe with spidery accessories to the knees and punk-style plaid dresses.

My opinion on creepers has always varied, I never seemed to like them but since coming to uni and seeing some of my more eclectic friends wearing them in all different styles (and heights) I have grown more accustomed to them. I then saw one of my friends wearing a pastel pink coloured pair. Now, I love everything and anything pink and I fell in love with these straight away. But still not brave enough to face the creeper, I invested in a desert boot style creeper. It still has a platform on the bottom (not as big as some of my daring friends) but is laced up in a desert boot shape. Personally, I love my new shoes but tell me what you think.