Stylish accessories

We've recently seen a massive increase of designers showing their spin on technology accessories. I mean, we do use them everyday. So it's a great niche for all designers to take part in. Whether its a laptop, iPhone, Blackberry or iPad they've done it. Whilst spending hours on the internet looking at various things which mean nothing I suddenly came across this little gem. I'd never heard of this designer until now and maybe that was just me being ignorant, but hopefully some of you will agree with me.

However, Manish Arora has shown his take on our little friend the iPad, many other designers have created accessories for this piece of technology but Aroras collection really caught my eye. What could be disguised as a beautiful, ornate clutch bag is in fact a cover for your iPad. Stylish yet versatile and much needed for that flimsy piece of technology. Manish is an Indian designer based in New Delhi. A lot of you may have heard of him when he was appointed creative director of womenswear at fashion house Paco Rabanne back in 2011, but I bet not many have actually taken a look at his own collections.

Why not start now and gander at my favourite iPad cases... its makes me want an iPad even more. ImageImageImage