LDN fashion

As a keen fashion journalist I tend to keep a close eye on social networking. That includes twitter. A couple of days ago one of my favourite websites and twitter updaters announced a competition - now everyone loves competitions, don't they?

Better yet, it was to win the new Alexander McQueen: Fashion Visionary book and guess what.. I won! A tweet from LDN fashion was directed to me and two other winners congratulating us. Even better, they now follow me. One of my favourite fashion tweeters following me. What did I have to do? 'TO WIN: Tweet us @LDNfashion telling us why you should win a copy' So there I was, thinking 'how the hell am I going to win this book?' as a book obsessor it needed to be added to my collection. The best thing I could come up with to tweet to them was this..


So thats my news! In other news, LDN fashion have launched there own online store! http://shop.ldnfashion.com/ Top of my list is the 'holy chic!' top and the Chanel top. I think the holy chic top is so cute so chic! I love the play on words and graphic tees are my favourite. It reminds me so much of the iconic House of Holland fashion groupie tees he created back in 2006. Please take a look at this website and their new shop, you might find yourself having to hide that credit card..