For as long as I can remember all thing Japanese, 'kitsch', French and cute have interested me. Just little trinkets that can put such a big smile on your face. Some see them as a tacky, and to be fair, I do most of the time but sometimes I like to relinquish my inner child and have a guilty pleasure - basically, my guilty pleasure is cute stuff that most wouldn't find cute. Websites like Etsy and even shops such as Urban Outfitters have many variations of these, especially around Christmas with stocking fillers like 'stick on moustaches, hip flasks and grow your own boyfriend'. I saw an article on someone talking of 'Eiffel Tower scissors' - my first reaction was to think how cheap and untasteful these scissors will look but once I saw the picture my opinion completely changed.

They remind me of something an old, Parisian granny would pass down to you whilst teaching you how to sew.  Not the tacky image I had in my mind, but something delicate and antique that you would find whilst on a treasure hunt through the back alleyways of Montmartre. The source of these scissors directed me to a website called 'cottonon' which sells a brand called 'typo' where I uncovered even more treasures - all the cute things I could ever imagine. Including cards, calendars, notebooks and writing sets.