My little karl.

As a massive Karl Lagerfeld/Chanel fan, anything related amazes me. So when I came across this little treasure I immediately fell in love. Below is a picture of the thing that left me speechless - My little Karl. Created by Mari Kasurinen who is from Germany. Mari uses our childhood favourite 'my little pony' and manipulates them to look like icons of the past and today. Examples of these are Karl Lagerfeld , Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson. As such a big fan of Karl I immediately wanted one of these! So I emailed Mari directly and this was the response she gave; Hello Lauren!

I hope my e-mail finds you well and thank you so much for the compliments. All of my My Little Pop Icons are unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Unfortunately the one you mentioned, My Little Karl Lagerfeld, is already sold. At the moment I have only one piece still available:

My Little Elvis Presley (26 cm x 27 cm) (2009) - 650 euros (€)

(Shipping is not included)

I also do commission pieces and have re-made characters if commissioned. The average price for a commission piece is 300 to 700 euros (€) plus shipping depending on the size and the complexity of the character. For example a new My Little Karl Lagerfeld would cost 600 euros (€) plus shipping. He could look the same as the previous one or then have a new pose, new suit, etc.

Kind regards, Mari

----------------------------- If any of you are interested I have put a link to Maris website!! Go have a look and enjoy the little bundles of joy.